Caspian Tern

29/7/2013 – On the way to North Wales we stopped off at Rudyard Lake in Cheshire for the Caspian Tern that has been there for the last few days. Although initially it did not seem to be present when we arrived, it flew back in within 5 minutes and although it was quite distant I still got a few record shots.


The Rolling Stones

I went to see the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park on Saturday. My brother had got us tickets for the event, thanks Tony. We had previously seen them in 1982 at Wembley Stadium. At the time I did not expect to see them again as I thought they were pretty old then. It is quite amazing to see them 31 years later, still going and still good. We had a good day in London first and consumed too much real ale.rolling stones ticket010012034035038

and some video:-

and some Jake Bugg video:-







Chasing the Tern

Travelled up to Cresswell Pond Northumberland where the Bridled Tern had been seen the day before. Spent a few hours there in hope but no luck. Lovely day and lovely beach with views over Druridge Bay and as far as Coquet Island. There were lots of seabirds on view in the bay including many Puffin and an Arctic Skua. We then decided to go further north to Amble for some fish and chips. No sooner had we got there and there was a pager message that the Bridled Tern was now at Saltholme RSPB on the outskirts of Middlesbrough 62 miles further south. We set off for Middlesbrough straight away but it was no surprise that when we arrived it had already flown off. We waited a couple of hours but it did not return. Later that night it was relocated 4 miles south of Amble!!. We did see a Roseate Tern at Saltholme RSPB. We then went to Whitby Lighthouse and then stayed the night near Scarborough. On Sunday I went to Wykeham Forest Raptor Viewpoint where I did NOT see any Honey Buzzards although I did  see a Goshawk that was perched in a tree across the valley for about half an hour.