Costa Rica 2019

A great trip to Costa Rica with my brother from 23/2/2019 – 10/3/2019. We were on a trip arranged by Motmot Travel. It was a small group tour with a guide and driver. Our first and last destination was the Bougainvillea Hotel which is about 20 minutes away from San Jose airport. We had a three hour delay at Gatwick and it took about 3 hours to get through customs in Costa Rica so it was dark when we arrived at the hotel. It would be ┬áthe next morning before we could explore the fantastic garden at the hotel. Sunrise is about 5.30am and sunset at 5.30pm every day in Costa Rica as it is so close to the equator. We were up and drinking coffee at 5.15am awaiting sunrise – this was to be the same each day from now on – it may have seemed early to us but it is just the start of the day in Costa Rica. The garden has a nice selection of birds.


Lesson’s Motmot




Blue-grey Tanager


White-eared Ground-sparrow


Inca Dove


White-winged Dove


Hoffman’s Woodpecker