**MEGA** Grey Catbird

Having been on Scilly when the Grey Catbird was found at Treeve Moor near Lands End I had to hope it stayed until I left the Islands. Fortunately it did and after a mad dash after getting off the Scillonian on Saturday evening I managed to see it briefly in flight, before it got completely dark. Luckily it was still there on the Sunday when i was able to see it much better.





**MEGA** Elegant Tern

On Friday evening there was news that an Elegant Tern had been seen at Sandy Point, Hayling Island. I headed for Sandy Point early the next day and waited for about 4 hours with no luck, news was then received that it had been relocated in Pagham Harbour from Church Norton. A quick drive whilst hoping there would be a space in the small carpark, in fact I got the last space. After a wait of about 20 minute’s the Elegant Tern was seen in flight over the tern island in the middle of the harbour. It was seen a few times in flight before it flew across the harbour and out to sea. No pictures of the tern but a few of the crowd and Pagham Harbour.






**MEGA** Pacific Swift

15/06/2013 Trimley Marshes SWT. As soon as I saw the Mega Alert on my pager I knew I had to at least try and get to see this bird as I had missed the Cley bird in 1993. I knew the journey would take at least 2 hours and then there was a three mile walk to where the bird was being seen. I did not expect it to still be there when we arrived. In fact when we were about 15 miles away we received news that it had flown off south over the River Orwell. We continued the journey and luckily it came back and we saw it. We also saw the Trooping of the Colour flypast as we were travelling up the A 12.