Dunstable Downs

As I can’t drive at the moment, I decided to go for a walk up Dunstable Downs the highest point in Bedfordshire being located here at 797 feet above sea level. The London Gliding Club is located at the base of the Downs. Dunstable Downs are part of the Chiltern Hills. There is a visitor centre located here run by the National Trust. I walked over the Golf Course and along the top of the Downs to Whipsnade Zoo, down to the bottom of the Downs and finally back up towards the visitor centre. A nice couple of hours on what was a cold frosty day.











2 thoughts on “Dunstable Downs

  1. you see so much more on a walk than you ever see stuck in your car don’t you mate ?
    You better get a dog next. I did a 9 miler today with mine. Nearly wore his paws out !

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