** MEGA ** Hudsonian Whimbrel

23/10/2015 I had the afternoon off work to go to Pagham Harbour to see the Hudsonian Whimbrel that was found there the day before. I arrived there about 2 pm and was told the bird had flown across the harbour five minutes before. After a long wait I decided to go to Selsey to get something to eat. I got some chicken and chips and parked overlooking the sea. A soon as I started to eat I thought I had better check my pager in case there was any news, it had just been seen again at 7.40pm, so I immediately drove back and managed to see it in flight almost as soon as I arrived back on site. It was seen flying around harrassed by a gull and then rather distantly feeding on an island in the middle of the harbour. Then it was back to the car for some cold chicken and the journey home. Unfortunately I did not manage to get any pictures of the bird but here are some pictures of the harbour and the sea from the shingle ridge.

IMG_5352 IMG_2949 IMG_5358 IMG_5359 IMG_5360

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