1/5/2016 Up early to get to Caper Watch at Loch Garten RSPB at 5.30am. Spent about an hour there with no sign of any Capercaillie, decided to leave and go to Tulloch Moor to see if there were any Black Grouse there, saw one in flight. Went to Nethy Bridge to look for Dipper with no luck. I then decided to drive slowly through the forest with not much hope of coming across a Capercaillie although I have been lucky once or twice in the past. At about 8.15 am I drove to a road that is closed in the early mornings to turn around. As I was about to do so i noticed a large bird sat in the road. Female Capercaillie !!  It remained in the road for about 5 minutes before flying up and landing in a tree.

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