Rock Thrush

Having had to bring our departure from Scilly forward by a day, due to the impending arrival of “Storm Brian”, I was hoping to see the Rock Thrush that has been at Blorenge in Wales for the last couple of weeks on the journey home. The weather was not looking good and one of the Severn crossings was already closed as we approached Wales. When we arrived at the site the weather was truly atrocious and I was not sure we would see the bird. There were about 5 other birders on site and we were lucky as the Rock Thrush suddenly appeared in front of us, within a couple of minutes of arriving at its favourite quarry. It was on view for about 2 minutes before flying back towards the quarry wall and disappearing underneath a rock. I managed to fire off a few photos of the bird which was looking a bit on the wet side.

Rock Thrush




This photo taken by my brother gives an idea of the conditions at the time.


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