Caribbean Foothills

Whilst staying at Selva Verde we went out on a trip to the Caribbean Foothills where we had an interesting walk down a valley to a river seeing many birds on the way. We then went to a cafe with bird feeders and a great view of the San Fernando Waterfall, there were great birds here including Emerald Toucanets, Prong-billed Barbets and Violet Sabrewing and Coppery-headed Emerald hummingbirds. We then visited stakeouts for Spectacled Owl and Great Potoo. Our last visit of the day was to someones house who had a small nature reserve in his garden where we saw Green Ibis, Gray-cowled Wood-rail and a Three-toed Sloth with a baby.

Violet Sabrewing


Prong-billed Barbet



Emerald Toucanet


Spectacled Owl


Grey-cowled Wood-rail


Green Ibis


Great Potoo


Fasciated Tiger-Heron



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